Wanted: Junior Detectives, Heroes, Pirates & Spies for Summertime Adventure

I think we can all agree, regardless of when school ended and when the weather finally came to its senses, that summer is here. Summer can be a glorious time, especially for kids.

But summer can be a mixed bag for adults. No matter what time of year it is there is always a to-do list. We can never fully explain to kids that we have more to do than just entertain them. 

Mail Order Mysteries are a great way to keep kids entertained, but they do more than just entertain. Mail Order Mysteries are six week long adventures of the imagination in which kids are the heroes of their own stories.

Kids work together with characters in the mystery to foil the evil villainstop the double-crossing piratescapture the suspect in the old mansion or help the knight, the troll, the dragon and the librarian succeed in their noble mission. The stakes are high but we know your kids are up for the challenge.

Each mystery unfolds over six weeks. We can either mail each letter once a week for six weeks or, if you prefer to hand out the mystery at your own pace, we can send all the installments packed together in one box. Just contact us with your shipping instructions. Please make sure to let us know as soon as you place your order. We can’t make changes to an order once it is printed and packed.