Keep Your Kids in Shape This Summer


We all know that the term “lazy days of summer” came about for good reason. Summer is the best time to lounge around and catch up on sleep. But experts warn that kids can lose a significant amount of learning over the holidays, which is why they should keep their brains in shape. Mail Order Mysteries are great for keeping brains in shape with puzzles to solve and plots to ponder. But Mail Order Mysteries can be great for keeping bodies in shape too!

In the Enchanted Slumber mystery kids are gifted a noble mission by a not-so-noble (by which we mean lazy) knight. This mission arrives in an envelope sealed with wax; inside is a fancy contract written on parchment paper. Once said mission is accepted and the contract signed, knight training begins. This training involves instruction for conditioning the body and the mind.

According to the Official Rules and Guidelines for Accepting a Noble Mission: “Each day you must joust in the morning and sword-fight in the afternoon. And if, for some reason, your horse, jousting stick and sword are not at hand, you will do twenty jumping jacks, ten pushups, fifteen sit-ups and a downward-facing yoga dog each morning before breakfast.”

As you can see by this most excellent photo, some kids take this VERY seriously.