Hand Over That Letter Mr. Bones!

One of the great things about a Mail Order Mystery is getting stuff in the mail. Kids love checking the mailbox to see if their next letter has arrived. But you know what’s even better? Checking the bony clutches of this here skeleton pirate, yaar. Shiver me timbers! It’s Mr. Bones and it looks like he’s gotten hold of a very important message!

Summer plans can be complicated. This is why we have options for you. If you have special requests for how you would like your Mail Order Mystery shipped  - like holding your mystery for a few weeks while you are away on vacation, or having your mystery shipped all in one box so you can dole out the clues on a road trip, at a cottage or even on a long airplane ride - just contact us with your request. Please let us know as soon as your place your order. We can’t make changes to a mystery once it’s printed and ready to ship.

If you do get your mystery shipped all in one box, it’s up to you to decide how to present the installments. We have heard fantastic stories from people who have handed out mysteries in all sorts of creative ways, like the family in these photos that planted each of the letters in Mr. Bones’ skeleton grip. Or the family that took took the Treasure Hunt mystery with them on their Disney Cruise and sneakily stashed the final “treasure” on Disney’s private island for the kids to find. Love it! Good thing that scalliwag Mr. Bones didn’t find it first!