Knock Knock. Who’s There?

Knock Knock. Who’s there?

Boo hoo.

Boo hoo who?

Don’t cry. It’s only us, and we’re here to turn that frown upside down with some knee-slappers for International Joke Day. It’s this Sunday and we want to make sure you’re ready. We’ve plundered the vaults of our top secret spy school questionnaires for some of our favourite kid jokes.

These questionnaires are our favourite part of the Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys mystery. Our Junior agents-in-training receive them with their spy school welcome package. They fill them out and send them back to us with answers to various questions like: “How many push-ups can you do”? “Why will you make a good spy?” “What do you like to do for fun”? and “What is the best joke you know”?

If there’s one thing a good spy needs it’s a sense of humour.

“The other day my Mom told me to stop doing my flamingo impression.... unfortunately, I had to put my foot down.”

Q: “What is green and very dangerous?”
A: Shark-infested lime jello!”

(FYI this Jr. Agent can do 250 push-ups. Wow!)

Secret Agent Chicken sent this one in:
Q: “What do you call a karate pig?”
A: “A pork chop.”

Courtesy of Agent Pandamonium:
Q: What is brown and sticky?”
A: “A stick.”

And from Agent Penguino:
“Why did the football coach shake the vending machine?”
“Because he wanted his quarter back.”

Just a few more:

Q: “Why was six afraid of seven?”
A: “Because seven ate nine.”

Q: “How do you make an egg roll?”
A: “Push it!”

Q: “What does a baseball player do when he’s hot?”
A: “Sit next to a fan!”

Ha ha! They just don’t stop! Which reminds us, if we were to compile a bunch of these excellent kid jokes into an official S.H.O.E. Academy joke book, would you want to buy one?

Or for now, if you want your kid to sign up for spy school, order our spy mystery this summer. Not only will they get to choose a joke for the spy questionaire, your Junior agent-in-training will learn everything they need to know to be a spy.