Light the Spark of Learning with Mail Order Mystery

We know that a lot of parents worry about the “summer slide”. We worry that our kids will forget half of what they learned the year before and when school starts in the fall they won’t know what hit them.

But we also worry about our kids’ fickle relationship with reading. Sometimes they love it. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they read without being reminded. Sometimes they won’t. What happens if they don’t want to read? How are they going to get through all those years of school?

We know this is a busy time.There are forms to fill out, clothes to buy, school supplies to gather, lunches to plan. But, at the risk of sounding ominous, homework is on the horizon. And if your kids are willing to sit down and read without a fight, the battle is halfway won.

Mail Order Mysteries are six-week long story adventures designed to get kids reading. The letters are personalized from the characters in the mystery, which means that kids don’t just read the story, they are part of the story.

There are noble missions to bravevillains to foilpirates to outwit. And there could even be some learning along the way: the history of medieval knights, life on board a pirate ship, sharks, ciphers, spywork and so much more.

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to the old grind. If you can light the spark of learning the flame might just catch.