We Love These Reviews by Kids!

Here at Mail Order Mystery we love things that are by kids, for kids. So it’s no surprise that we love our two most recent reviews, both of them by kids.

This is Agent Doomking, aka Mitchell Cook. He is the editor of iGen21, a fantastic online magazine with kid contributors from all over the world. In the latest issue he reviewed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys.

Here are some excerpts:

Week two: “I checked the mail every day waiting for my next letter from S.H.O.E. I once checked it four times, once at midnight.”

Week three: “Scrabble’s fun, but not when it’s used for evil."

Week four: “Have you ever been so overwhelmed and overconfident about something and then you get turned upside down on your head? That’s me right now.”

Week five: “Man, what a week. My moustache keeps falling off.”

Week six: “I did it...I am proud, exhausted and excited all at the same time.”

Congratulations, Agent Doomking. Excellent work. And thank you for the great write-up. You can see the full review here.


We also received a fabulous review from Waverly, the 9 year old “Kiditor in Chief” for the online kids’ news site Kids News NYC. Waverly reviewed the Enchanted Slumber mystery. Here’s what she and her mom had to say:

From the Mom: “When I learned about Mail Order Mystery, where every week, checking your mail becomes filled with excitement as a story and mystery unfolds, little by little, I knew Waverly just had to try it! Did she like it? The answer is….she LOVED it. And I must admit, I loved it, too.”

From Waverly: “I never expected to find a world of dragons, trolls, knights and princesses, and I surely never expected to become an Unsuspecting Hero!”

Also from Waverly: “The last mailing (well, from this story - I am going to beg my mom to do it again and try another one out!) was my favourite, although I was sad because it was coming to an end...At the end of the story, we opened up the last wax-sealed letter and both my mom and I got chills with what it said.”

We especially love hearing that Mom and Waverly got chills when they read the ending of the Enchanted Slumber because you know what? We got chills when we wrote it.

You can see the full review here.