Looking for a Father’s Day Gift?

Are you looking for a fantastic Father’s Day experience that Dad and the kids can do together? Mail Order Mysteries are fun, funny and challenging enough that Dad won’t have all the answers, but not so hard that Dad can’t save the day. 

Dad and kids can work together to solve riddles from a troll, track down a missing agent, crack a curious case, save the family fortune from double crossing scallywags, or fix the family’s time travel mistakes before the time police catch on.

Our mystery experiences are personalized, so if you want your mystery addressed to Dad and Kid(s), just make sure to enter both/all of their names in the checkout. Order "All in One Box" and you can give dad all the installments of his mystery on Father's Day. Or order "Send Weekly", choose June 13 as the start date and the first installment should arrive the week after Father's Day.

Our mystery Escape the Master Loop just might make the perfect Father’s Day experience to do as a family. It is a time travel misadventure that is great for kids age 9 to 109 and designed for a group (two heads are better than one for this mystery, and we mean more than just your present self and future self). It’s best ordered “All in One Box” so you can spread it out on the kitchen table and work together to untangle your tangled up timelines. What better way for Fun Dads to spend an afternoon with their Awesome Kids?