Looking to Bring the Whole Family Together?

Mail Order Mysteries are fantastic holiday gifts. They are narrative adventures, excellent for bringing intrigue and excitement into kids' lives. But our newest mystery Escape the Master Loop is a bit different from our other experiences. We designed it specifically so it was perfect to do together as a group.

 And Escape the Master Loop is not just for kids. If you’ve been jealously watching a kid in your life do one of our mysteries and wishing you could take part, this is your opportunity to jump in. It can be fun for the whole family.

We designed this mystery with big, colorful puzzles that can be spread out on the table so everyone can put their heads together and solve the clues. Escape the Master Loop is great for family game nights, birthday parties or even a Thanksgiving or winter holiday activity to bring the whole family together.

Escape the Master Loop is challenging and super fun. This time travel mis-adventure begins with a letter from your future self and a warning that you have made some time travel mistakes. And when it comes to mistakes, you have made some doozies: you brought back a dinosaur, dropped a camera in Leonardo da Vinci’s studio, got on a spaceflight to another planet, and goodness knows what you have done this time to mess with the Titanic. 

All of our mysteries can be mailed in weekly installments or packed together in one box. Escape the Master Loop is best ordered “All in One Box” so you get all six installments at the same time. The clues loop back and forth through your future and your past and you (by which we mean your past self and future self) can immerse yourself in an evening or a weekend of fun as you untangle your tangled up timelines before it’s too late. 

Escape the Master Loop is a great holiday gift, but it’s not just a holiday gift. It’s a perfect activity for any gathering: birthday parties, family games nights, Thanksgiving get-togethers and more.