How Should I Get My Mystery Delivered?

When you order a Mail Order Mystery for a kid you love, you get to decide all kinds of things. You decide where it gets delivered, whose name is on the letters, how it is addressed and how you would like it shipped. We offer two delivery methods: “All in One Box” and “Send Weekly”. If you are on the fence about which delivery method to choose, this is our two cents: “All in One Box” all the way. 

Mail Order Mysteries are narrative experiences. Each mystery is carefully crafted, and the stories unfold through a series of letters from various characters, clues, puzzles, plot twists and reveals. It is essential that all six letters arrive in the correct order. The best guarantee that this will happen is to order your mystery “All in One Box”. We send it with tracking information so you know where it is and when it will arrive. You can even choose what name we put on the outside of the box to avoid spoiling any surprises.

The letters inside the box look the same as the letters that we send in the mail (minus postage) and you can stash them in the mailbox for kids to find. If you want to give kids one letter a day during the holiday season you can do that. If you want to hand out the letters every Friday afternoon after kids are done their homework, you can do that. Or you can take the letters with you if you’re away from home.

We know that kids love mail. Everyone loves mail. But what no one loves is three out of six letters that arrive exactly according to postal delivery standards and then one that takes a meandering route through the postal system so the fifth letter arrives a few days before the fourth. This happens. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the end result is a confused and unhappy kid. Most letters show up eventually, such is the way of the postal system. And we do our best to send a replacement letter out as swiftly as possible. But no matter how quickly we can get the correct letter into the hands of your kid, the disappointment cannot be taken back.

Don’t get us wrong. The postal system works remarkably well. We send out thousands of letters without a hitch. If a customer emails us about a letter, we are confident in our response that it is on the way. But what we cannot do is say when your letter will arrive. There is no tracking information for lettermail, and so we can’t tell you where a letter is once it leaves our workshop. And as the holiday season approaches, the mail system becomes overwhelmed by letters and packages, and lettermail can be unpredictable. At the end of December statutory holidays mess with postal delivery standards and everything becomes a little loosey goosey-er, a little more seat-of-the-pantsy, a little harder for us to control from our end. 

So please, take our advice, and eliminate the unknowns from your mystery experience. Order “All in One Box”, and order soon. Stash the box in the closet so you know you have it. Mail Order Mysteries do sometimes sell out, so please avoid disappointment this holiday season and order now.