"An excellent mystery for the whole family"

Our newest mystery, Escape the Master Loop came out back in the spring. It's a wild time travel caper that begins with you receiving an urgent message from your future self. And we're starting to get reviews from the first people to do the mystery. We've got some fantastic five star reviews from customers on our website. But we really love this recent review from This West Coast Mommy.

We specifically designed Escape the Master Loop so that it could be done as a group as well as by kids on their own. So we're happy to see that This West Coast Mommy writes, "What I love most about Mail Order Mysteries is how they get the whole family involved. We took turns reading the letters and secret missions out loud, finding the answers together. Escape the Master Loop is an excellent mystery for the whole family." We like to think Escape the Master Loop would be perfect for a family game night or even a family holiday like Thanksgiving.

You can read the full review that This West Coast Mommy wrote. Also, you should also check out her awesome blog. And of course you should order Escape the Master Loop for your family asap.