These 14 Cousins Loved Their Summer Spy School

We are often surprised by the creative ways in which people experience their Mail Order Mysteries, but this one takes the cake! This summer the “Cousin Camp Kids” celebrated their 15th annual event, and this year's theme: Spy School!

Well it just so happens that we have a spy-themed mystery in which kids are enrolled in a top secret spy school called S.H.O.E. (The Secret Headquarters of Espionage). Grandma Lisa and Grandpa Phil set to work building a whole adventure around our Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys mystery.

They organized the kids into three teams, added some awesome signage and custom printed shirts, and designed hands-on spy training: paintball shooting, an agility course, water activities, a gadget build and Morse code training. (Fun fact about Lisa: her great, great uncle was Samuel Morse!”)

Now that’s thinking outside the box! If you are looking for some serious fun this summer, it’s not too late to have a Mail Order Mystery sent to you “All in One Box”. All six installments will come packed together in one box and you can dole them out at whatever pace you choose. You can even go the extra mile, like Lisa and Phil, and make the experience into a grand adventure. And if you are looking for t-shirts, socks, notebooks and water bottles to add to the fun, check out our Mystery Emporium for some amazing Mail Order Mystery-themed stuff.