Made By Humans #2 - Tanya Becker, Our Awesome Designer

Made By Humans #2 - Tanya Becker

Meet Toronto-based designer Tanya Becker. We have had a blast working with her on our last two mysteries, The Case of the Missing Bigfoot and Escape the Master Loop. The best thing about Tanya, other than being an awesome designer, is that she is up for anything. No matter what we ask her to do, the answer is always yes. Even if it’s “Hey Tanya, can you make us a photo of Bigfoot driving a garbage truck”?

Bigfoot in garbage truck

We asked Tanya about what it was like working with us and she says: “Doing design for MOM is the best! When else would you get to put Bigfoot in a garbage truck or create puzzle solving paper airplanes?! Getting to collaborate with such passionate and creative people is really a dream. I’m proud to be a part of it!”

Paper airplanes from Escape the Master Loop

We love how these paper airplanes turned out but they almost pushed us all over the edge. The clues on the back and the front had to be precisely placed so that puzzles come together as the airplanes are folded. The fold marks had to be precisely placed so each airplane could be assembled to fly. We had to try, try and try again. But Tanya stuck with it until she got it exactly right. Now that’s what we would call a design challenge!