Mysteries Are the Perfect Gift for Dad and Here’s Why

Well, look no further. Here are five reasons why Mail Order Mysteries make the best Father’s Day gifts ever.
🔎 Mail Order Mysteries are fun for kids and Dads too! We always say that Mail Order Mysteries are so cool that you will wish you were a kid again, but who says you have to be a kid?
🔎 Mail Order Mysteries are personalized, so Dad’s and kids’ names can appear in the mystery. Dad can be secretly thrilled to see his very own name on the letters.
🔎 Kids and Dad both have an excellent reason to put down their devices and do something together. 
🔎 Dads get to show off their knowledge about pirates / knights / dragons / espionage / Bigfoot / cipher cracking / puzzle solving and more (or if they don’t know about all this stuff already, they might learn a thing or two!) 
🔎 Dads and kids can work together, solve some problems, share some laughs. Mail Order Mysteries make memories that last, and there’s no better father’s day gift than that.