Made By Humans #3 - Suzanne Matczuk, Meet Our Mystery Writer

Made By Humans #3 - Suzanne Matczuk

Meet me! I’m Suzanne and I wear a lot of hats here at Mail Order Mystery, by which I mean sometimes I even wear a Bigfoot Costume. I also write pretty much everything here, including all five of our mysteries.

I love writing Mail Order Mysteries. Each one has been challenging in its own way. And getting kids excited about reading is a genuine thrill, and one of the most rewarding professional experiences I could ever hope to have.

Occasionally we get a review like this one from Samantha B and it makes everything so worthwhile...

My son basically learned to read from the book! Enchanted Slumber was the second mystery we bought him. This one provides a present in the last mailing…a book about the various characters in the mystery. My son LOVED that book! Not only did he ask me to read it to him repeatedly, he also brought it back and forth to school for a week and basically learned to read using this book. It was the first book he showed any interest in reading himself (now it’s hard to get his nose out of a book).

When I write Mail Order Mysteries I write them for my 11 year old self. For me, everything about Mail Order Mysteries would have been magical when I was a kid. They didn’t exist for me then, but I can make them for kids now. Kids have so much going on these days, and so much to engage and distract. Anytime a Mail Order Mystery captures a kid’s imagination enough for them to forget about screens, at least for a while, I feel like I have really accomplished something.