Why Our Mystery Left One Customer "Shooketh"

We absolutely LOVE this Instagram post that we saw this week from one of our customers. It perfectly captures the experience we want kids to have with our mysteries.

Don't get us wrong, we're not against screens. Our kids have spent plenty of time building fabulous imaginary worlds in Minecraft, coding and going on online adventures. We're actually pretty sure one of our kids would choose to live inside a game if she could. And that's the problem, a lack of balance. We don't mind seeing our kids on screens, but we also want them to read books, play games and hang out with friends IRL.

So if you're looking to put some balance into your summer, one of our mystery experiences is a great solution. Mail Order Mysteries are designed to get kids reading. Code cracking and clue solving gets their minds working, and mystery solving is a perfect experience to share with a friend, sibling or even with the whole family.