Made By Humans #6 - We ❤️ Wax Seals

Made by Humans 6 - Wax Seals

This is Marion working on a wax seal, one of the many items we craft here at Mail Order Mystery. As we get closer to the holidays we begin to think of ourselves like elves in Santa’s workshop. We are busy busy getting everything ready for the holidays: stuffing envelopes, aging pirate maps, tying keys onto strings, and, one of our favorite crafty tasks, sealing envelopes with wax just like they did in the olden days of dragons and knights. Ok, maybe they didn’t have glue guns back then, but they had heat, wax and seals and that’s everything you need.

And here is Thomas showing off his excellent wax seal work.

Enchanted Slumber is our fairy tale-themed mystery and it really is beautiful. The artwork and the story are lovely, and the little details, like personalized messages tucked into wax-sealed envelopes, make it even more magical. When we were kids, the idea of cracking open a wax seal on a letter from a knight would have made us lose our minds.
We know that our lives would be easier if we got those store bought seal stickers that you can just press onto the envelopes, but we are too in love with the real thing. We love the look and feel of the wax seals, the imperfections that make them seem authentic, and the satisfaction of breaking them open.

Making these seals is not for everyone. It requires patience, practice and a steady hand. But for those of us who enjoy this task, there is a kind of zen-like bliss in the pursuit of the perfect seal. Our wax seals are not just made by humans, they are made with love by humans. And if you have had the good fortune of sharing our Enchanted Slumber mystery with a child, you will know that the answer is always love.