GIFT ALERT! ūüéĀ Cool Gear at the Mystery Emporium

You likely know all about our mystery experiences, but did you know we also have a whole line of great gifts featuring the beloved characters from all five of our mysteries? If you know a kid who has done one of our mysteries or will be doing one soon, they would love a gift from our Mystery Emporium.
Maybe the kid has been to the SHOE Spy Academy in Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys? Our spiral notebook is perfect for keeping track of secret messages while our line of t-shirts lets everyone know you're a proud SHOE Academy alumni. And we know young spies get thirsty. Our SHOE Academy water bottle is perfect for top secret missions, like school lunches.

We are also excited to offer some of the gorgeous artwork from our time travel adventure Escape the Master Loop, designed by master illustrator Rajo Zakic.

Escape the Master Loop is a time travel misadventure in which you must fix your time travel mistakes… or else. You have made a lot of mistakes over the millennia, but our fave was that time you dropped a digital camera in Leonardo da Vinci’s studio. Leonardo was really inspired, and started painting some super weird stuff. Imagine if the Mona Lisa had been influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo and other famous artists. 
These wacky ‚ÄúMona Lisas‚ÄĚ are available as posters, canvas wall art and also as t-shirts for both kids and adults. Even if you haven't done the mystery, these one of a kind works make one of a kind gifts.
And we've got a ton of awesome products inspired by our other mysteries as well. We've got Bigfoot t-shirts, castle notebooks, pirate wall clocks and so much more.

Please note that the Mystery Emporium has its own store with its own checkout. If you are ordering from the Mystery Emporium AND Mail Order Mystery, those will be separate purchases.