New York Times Says We’re in a Class of Our Own!

"My family has tried out a number of kids subscription boxes and projects over the years, but Mail Order Mystery is in a class of its own." -New York Times Wirecutter

You know how some people are like “Someday I’m going to see my name in lights” or “Someday I’m going to be on that stage”? Well for us here at Mail Order Mystery, it’s “Someday we’re going to be in Wirecutter”. And guess what? We’re in Wirecutter! Dreams do come true! The New York Times Wirecutter has included Mail Order Mystery as one of their best gifts for 10-Year-Olds.

In case you’re not familiar with it, Wirecutter is a product recommendation site. Looking for the best bedsheets? The best headphones, brooms, telescopes, toasters, robot vacuums? Check Wirecutter. Over the years we have purchased so many Wirecutter recommended products. They do their research and they know what they are talking about. So of course we are absolutely thrilled to be included.

We are pleased to say that we’re not just on a list, but the NYT has some truly fine things to say about us. "I was impressed by the surprising, intricate storytelling, and by how deeply invested my kids became in their given missions," says NYT contributor Kalee Thompson.

Indeed it is an exciting day for us, and there is one more thing that we just have to mention. We are feeling a little starstruck to be included right alongside YouTube engineer Mark Rober and his CrunchLabs Build Box STEM subscription. We are huge fans of Mark Rober. His inventions are inspiring and so much fun, and his squirrel obstacle course has forever changed the way we look at our backyard. It is an honor to be mentioned on the same list and an honor to be included on the list. Thank you New York Times!