Make Memories This Father’s Day

When we were kids we gave our Dads a lot of hand-painted ashtrays for Father’s Day. Our Dads loved them because Dads love anything their kids make for them. But you know what Dads love even more? Doing stuff with their kids. Taking on a project. Sitting down at the kitchen table, rolling up the shirt sleeves, puzzling out some clues, poring over some ciphers, talking through some plot twists, having some laughs, making some memories.

Dads love Mail Order Mysteries. It’s a fact. Well, not like a scientifically proven fact. But we’ve heard from enough Dads that we are confident when we say that Dads love Mail Order Mysteries.

Some Dads love Mail Order Mysteries so much they would do them all by themselves and leave the kids right out of the equation. But we do not recommend that you leave the kids out of the equation. Because when you give Dad a Mail Order Mystery for Father’s day, everybody wins. Dad gets something fun to do, kids get something fun to do, Dad AND the kids get something fun to do together, and Mom gets a break.

The mysteries are all personalized, so if you want the letters addressed to Dad and the kid(s), just enter both/all the names in the name field when you check out. We have four mysteries to choose from: the pirate-themed Treasure Hunt, fairy-tale, knight and dragon themed Enchanted Slumber, detective (and cryptid) themed Case of the Missing Bigfoot and espionage-themed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys.

After all, as we often say, a Mail Order Mystery is a gift so cool you’ll wish you were a kid again.