Need a Plan this Summer? We’ve Got Your Back!

Ok, so what’s the plan? School is almost over and summer will soon be here. Are you going to travel? Maybe, depending on the COVID situation. Can your kids go back to summer camp? Maybe, depending on the COVID situation. Camps could be virtual. In-person camps might have limited capacity, and kids may still be distanced and masked. Enough already! We have had it with this pandemic! The kids are bored! And they won’t stop fighting!

It sounds like you could use some guaranteed fun delivered to your door.
Mail Order Mysteries are engaging, personalized stories in which kids are the heroes. Kids get to outsmart evil villains, hunt down family treasure, help detectives on a curious case and embark upon a noble mission with a knight, a troll and a dragon. There are ciphers and clues along the way and at the end of the story, kids save the day.

No “sorry-we’re-full-do-you-want-a-spot-on-the-waitlist”, no endless registration forms, no “sorry we’re online again this year”. We send Mail Order Mysteries anywhere the post office delivers mail, to places where the summer camps are full, the summer camps are dull and even to where there are no summer camps at all.

All six installments of each Mail Order Mystery are packed up in one box and you can hand them out at your own pace. The envelopes inside look like real letters so you can stash them in the mailbox for kids to find. Or you can take a more creative approach to letter delivery. Customers have reported the successful use of owl post, scavenger hunts and fairy drops!
Mail Order Mysteries are perfect for all of your plans. Even if you only have part of a plan. Or no plan at all.