More excellent reviews from excellent bloggers!

The reviews for Treasure Hunt! keep on coming and they are all fantastic.

“This has been one of my most favourite reviews in my five years of doing blog reviews,”  says Jeanna Bellville at Momma’s Bacon. “All of the old letters, keys, maps, de-coding; it all felt so real….It’s an elaborate game, and any puzzle lover will find this highly entertaining and it’s MONTHS in the making. Impressive. Mail Order Mystery has lived up to its name and their phrase, ‘Extraordinary stories for extraordinary kids’ is something I agree with 100%”


“So much excitement!”  says Bethany Hankinson at Little Homeschool Blessings. “This was by far so worth every penny and one of the most memorable things from our long hours in the car.”

And Bethany is not messing around when she says “long hours in the car”. She just did a 2200 mile road trip with her husband and four kids! She says that one of their best choices for travel time was bringing their end of school celebration activity: a Mail Order Mystery.

“Your kids are going to love the adventure…,” says Vanessa Wigglesworth at the popular lifestyle blog, Mommy’s Block Party.  “And you are going to love how the mystery captures (and keeps) their attention, encourages them (in a not at all obvious way) to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, and (for those of you with more than one child) gets your children to communicate and work together!”

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