Mysteries Make Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts!

Dads love Mail Order Mysteries. It’s a fact. Well, not like a scientifically proven fact. But an anecdotal fact for sure. We’ve heard from enough Dads that we are confident when we say that Dads love Mail Order Mysteries.

In fact, some Dads love Mail Order Mysteries so much they would be happy to do them all by themselves and leave the kids right out of the equation. But we do not recommend that you leave the kids out of the equation. Because when you give Dad a Mail Order Mystery for Father’s day, everybody wins. Dad gets something fun to do, the kids get something fun to do, Dad AND the kids get something fun to do together, and Mom gets a break.

Bonus: Mail Order Mysteries last for six weeks, so you are giving the kids something fun to do during summer holidays, when the demand for non-stop fun is at its peak.

If you prefer to have all the installments sent at once so Dad and the kids can do the mystery at their own pace, or if you plan to pack the whole mystery into a suitcase or hike it in to some remote cabin that doesn’t have mail service, just place your order and contact us with your shipping request and we will make it happen.