This Pirate Treasure Belongs to You, Yaar!


These here pirates in pyjamas are Riley on the left and Skylar on the right. This photo was one of the entries in the photo contest we ran a few months back.

We love it so much we had to share it. Look how THRILLED these girls are to solve their pirate mystery and open up their long-lost treasure!

Did you know that you, too, may have a long-lost pirate ancestor with the same last name as you? Did you know that this long-lost pirate-ancestor stashed long-lost pirate treasure that most likely belongs to you, as long as no double-crossing scallywags get to it first, yaar!

This summer, send your kids on a Mail Order Mystery Treasure Hunt. Over the course of six weeks they will receive maps and keys, curious notes, ciphers and clues, warnings and red herrings. Treasure Hunt is not just something to do over the summer. It’s something AWESOME to do this summer.

Riley and Skylar’s Dad Quentin said that the kids loved their mystery. “I mean really loved it. We’ve done two of these mysteries so far and each day when the girls get home from school they ask if we’ve received anything new.”

“It gives us great family time to engage and solve a mystery,” says Dad. “It’s pretty awesome.”

You can find out more about Treasure Hunt here.

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