Need a Father’s Day Gift? How about a Mail Order Mystery.


When we were kids we gave our Dads a lot of hand-painted ashtrays for Father’s Day. They loved them, of course, because Dads love anything their kids make themselves. But you know what Dads love even more? Doing stuff with their kids. Taking on a project. Sitting down at the kitchen table, rolling up the shirt sleeves, puzzling out some clues, poring over some ciphers, talking through some plot twists.

Mail Order Mysteries are six week long adventures of intrigue - what better way for Dads and kids to spend the most memorable kind of time together? And the best part? Mail Order Mysteries are fun for kids and Dads. In fact, we have heard tell of Dads who love the mysteries as much as their kids - maybe even more!

After all, as we often say, a Mail Order Mystery is a gift so cool you’ll wish you were a kid again.