The Best End-Of School Gifts Are Mail Order Mysteries

Mail Order Mysteries make the best end-of-school gifts and here are 14 reasons why:

1. Because some of us parents are one eye-roll away from being too embarrassing to be seen with, but for now we are still awesome and our kids still love doing stuff with us.

2. Because we still love doing stuff with our kids.

3. Because six mailings over six weeks make Mail Order Mystery the gift that keeps on giving all summer long.

4. Because Mail Order Mysteries are super fun experience gifts and a great way to spend time with parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who can help solve the mystery.

5. Because ciphers, clues, twisting plots, knights, trolls, top secret missions and pirate treasure, yaar!

6. Because kids can lose some of what they learned over the summer and reading, puzzling and problem-solving keep their minds sharp.

7. Because Mail Order Mysteries open the door to all sorts of learning adventures: history, geography, pirate lore, fairy tales, spy training, ciphers, codes and more.

8. Because Mail Order Mysteries are tech-free and who wants to spend the summer fighting about screens? (Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys does have a website for entering top secret codes, but you can use the phone if you want to go completely screen-free).

9. Because Mail Order Mysteries are great to do at home, at the cottage or on the road.*

10. Because Mail Order Mysteries come in the mail and who doesn’t love mail?

11.Because the letters are personally addressed to your kid from the characters in the mystery. 

12. Because the five star reviews keep on coming. Check them out on our Facebook page.

13. Because every Mail Order Mystery comes with an extra-special memento to remind your kid of the summer you got them the best end-of-school gift ever.

*If you want your Mail Order Mystery packed up and sent all together in one box so you can dole out the clues when and where you like, just place your order and then send us an email at