Need a Gift to Go with Your Mystery?

Mail Order Mysteries make excellent holiday gifts for so many reasons: they are creative, imaginative, fun, tech-free and they keep on coming for six weeks. That means weeks of adventure long after the Lego has been built and the robot dog has been abandoned under the couch. 

But we also know that if you're giving a Mail Order Mystery this time of year you may want a present you can wrap up. We offer a printable gift note. Or some people choose to get their first installment sent before Christmas so they can give that as a present (see our holiday FAQ for more on holiday orders). But as intriguing as those options may be, some people want a bit more to wrap, or a bigger box to toss on to the present pile. You could go with the small thing in the big box trick (that one never seems to get old). Or you could buy an awesome gift that ties in to your Mail Order Mystery.  

Where would you find that, you ask? At our Mail Order Mystery store, of course! At the Mail Order Mystery Emporium we’ve got a whole range of gifts that tie in to all four of our Mail Order Mysteries.

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys: For our newest spy school recruits we’ve got spy hoodies, socks and and tees, water bottles and notebooks for keeping top secret notes.

Treasure Hunt: For our young treasure hunters we’ve got pirate clocks and tees.

Enchanted Slumber: For our heroes-in training we’ve got a whole line of exquisite tees and canvas art prints with beautiful images from the Enchanted Slumber mystery.

Case of the Missing Bigfoot: For our aspiring sleuths we’ve got detective tees and super cool cryptid shirts: Bigfoot, yeti, mokele-mbembe, giant squid and more.

And for the heroes, spies, detectives and treasure hunters out there who have accomplished their missions, closed their cases and completed their quests, you can gift them a memento of their mystery to keep the magic alive.

And just so you don't feel left out, we have adult sizes too! 

Please keep in mind that the Mystery Emporium merchandise and Mail Order Mystery are two separate stores with two separate checkout processes. So don’t panic if you can’t find the items in your cart!