Why We're Not Having a Black Friday Sale (Again This Year)

Yes we know Black Friday/Cyber Monday are coming up and yes, we know, everywhere you look it’s “Sale! Sale! Sale!”. Again, this year, we want to let you know that we will not be participating in the arms race of discounts. 

When we launched Mail Order Mystery we made some decisions that we stand by now. We use only high quality items in Mail Order Mysteries. We personalize all of the letters we send out to kids, which means we fulfill on demand rather than mass-packing or drop-shipping. We hand-fabricate many of the items ourselves. We do not cut corners. We do not compromise quality. And we don’t artificially inflate our prices just so we can offer promos and sales.

Mail Order Mysteries are crafted with care. Each one is an immersive, highly engaging story experience full of letters, documents, objects and clues: aged pirate maps, keys, puzzle-piece necklaces etched with ciphers, fingerprint reports, invisible ink pens, suspect boards, magazines, spy handbooks and so much more.

The final installment contains a unique memento for kids to cherish. Depending on the mystery, kids receive a locked wooden box of pirate treasure, a combination safe disguised as a book, a beautiful hardcover fairy tale book, or a canvas field hunting bag and a set of cryptid collector cards.

If you are holding out for a discount, we do send out codes for $5 off, a few times a year, to our mailing list subscribers. But we won’t be sending the next one out until after the holidays.

So if you are planning to give the gift of mystery this holiday season, go ahead and order a Mail Order Mystery today. You won’t have to worry about missing out on any big Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Pre-Christmas/Boxing Day sales. You’ll know you paid the same price we charge almost every other day of the year. And best of all you’ll be giving the gift of intrigue, mystery and adventure to a child you love.