Breaking news! The Mystery Emporium is Open for Business!

Need a gift? We’ve got a brand new store! And we are so excited we can hardly stand it! The 
Mail Order Mystery Emporium is now open and it is full of amazing stuff that ties in to all four of our Mail Order Mysteries. We’ve got S.H.O.E Academy spy hoodies, Mulberry & Perdu detective tees, Enchanted Slumber wall art, pirate clocks, yeti shirts and so much more. 

Now you can keep the magic alive for all those kids (and adults!) out there who loved their Mail Order Mysteries and wish there was a little bit more. We’ve got spy socks, tees, hoodies, notebooks and water bottles for our graduates of the S.H.O.E. Academy. We’ve got a whole line of hoodies and tees for the hardworking sleuths who solved the Case of the Missing Bigfoot. We’ve got t-shirts and exquisite canvas prints for our junior heroes of the Enchanted Slumber. And wall clocks and tees for our intrepid young treasure hunters. 

And if you have not yet done a Mail Order Mystery, but you know a kid who is about to begin one, you can shop for a gift to launch their adventure. 

You are the very first to hear about our new venture. In fact, the paint is barely dry on the shop walls. So let us know if you find anything amiss. Or if there's a product related to one of our mysteries that you'd love for us to add to the Emporium.

Just keep in mind that we now have two separate stores with separate checkouts. Mail Order Mystery for buying mysteries. And the Mystery Emporium for all the cool gifts inspired by those mysteries.

Now go have a look, we'd love to know what you think!