Why NOT to WAIT to Order a Mystery

We know there are plenty of reasons to procrastinate when it comes to holiday shopping, and we get it. We have learned the hard way to wait for those Santa letters to drop into the mailbox before making any decisions. 

But we also know that Mail Order Mysteries make awesome gifts: they are just right for that age when kids are done with toys and you don’t want to give them any more video games. They are experience gifts. They aren’t all about screens. They don’t take up a lot of precious shelf space. They promote all those great things like reading, learning and imaginative play. They last for weeks on end. The whole family can get in on them. And they are super fun. 

So why wait?

Here are three reasons why we really don’t think you should wait:

1. We’re not doing any more promotions before the holidays, so please don’t hold out for a promo code. We don’t play the Black Friday/Cyber Monday game. It’s stressful for everyone, including you, Dear Shopper, and we don’t want to have to artificially increase our prices just so we can look like we are discounting them. 

2. Mail Order Mysteries do take a bit of advance planning if you want to time their arrival for the holidays. And if you put it off we may even run out of capacity for filling orders on our busiest ship dates. For more information about shipping times and dates please see our holiday FAQ.

3. We do sometimes sell out of our mysteries. We do our best to plan ahead but the holidays are busy here and sometimes we run out of stuff. 

Plus, it feels great to check one off the list, doesn’t it? 

If you want to see what other people are saying, check out our five star reviews on Facebook:

“The quality and creativity of each story exceeded my expectations. Great gift!!” 
-Jennifer D-W

“This is a great concept and no computer necessary….loved this!”
-Dawn B

“I am pretty sure I had as much fun as the kids did!”
-Rory W W

“Well done, so original and SO worth the money!” 
-Tiffany S