Need a Plan For Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about romance, right? Candle-light, flowers, a dinner out...But this continues to be a time of adjusting expectations. Dinner will be at home this year. We think maybe we have some candles in the cupboard, but we don’t even know if flower shops are open.

Ok sure, maybe dinner is not so romantic with the kids at the table. But there is more to love than romance and we are happy to share a fancy dinner with our kids. In fact, this Valentine’s Day, we are going out of our way to show the kids how much we love them. Kids have been having a seriously tough time lately. 

A Mail Order Mystery is a wonderful way to do something special for - and with - your kids this Valentine’s Day. It’s a gift of imagination and intrigue, and a rare opportunity to get them off their screens, at least for a while. 

Order by tomorrow (Wednesday) to make sure we have time to package up your gift (with love) and ship it out to you for Valentine’s Day. Due to COVID-19 related shipping delays we can’t guarantee the date your package will arrive, but barring exceptional delays orders placed by tomorrow should arrive in time. And if you want to be sure, we now offer an express shipping option.

Also, just so you know, the Enchanted Slumber is our favourite Valentine’s mystery. It’s all about love: love for our family and friends, love for the earth, love for each other.