Stuck at Home for Spring Break? We’ve Got an Adventure for You!

Nowhere to go this spring break? Stuck at home with nothing to do? Let us bring the adventure to you.

We design our mysteries for kids age 8 - 13 but they are fantastic for the whole family, especially families who have been cooped up together for the past year.

Are you looking for something mysterious and fun to do? We have four mysteries to choose from.

In our espionage-themed Spies Lies and Serious Bad Guys, you discover that you have been enrolled in a top secret spy school. Training has just begun when you are called upon to help locate a missing agent and stop an evil villain from ending fun forever. Seriously. No more fun forever! Mwa ha ha!

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot is our classic whodunnit. A curious crime takes place in a mansion near you, and the detectives on the case need your help to crack it. Piece together clues, solve puzzles, examine evidence and rule out suspects. Did the butler do it? Or was it Bigfoot? 

In our pirate-themed Treasure Hunt! You receive a curious letter from a long-dead pirate who happens to be your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather. That old scallywag buried his loot and it’s got your name on it, so long as scurvy double-crossers don’t get to it first, yaar. 

The Enchanted Slumber is a twisting, turning take on the fairy-tale, where knights are not always heroes, trolls are sensitive and dragons are misunderstood. You are the unsuspecting hero of this story, and your noble mission is about love, friendship and working together for the happy ending. 

If you want to make sure sure you receive your mystery for spring break, do not wait to order! COVID-19 is really messing with the postal system, and delays are kind of the norm these days. Also everyone’s spring break dates are different (ours just got postponed a full month for reasons we don’t really understand) so depending on where you live, please make sure you give yourself a few weeks from when you order until your mystery arrives. We will do our best to get your mystery out to you as soon as we can, but we have no control over delivery delays.

Also just a note that due to the ongoing unreliability of letter mail, we have temporarily suspended the option of sending weekly letters. For now the “all in one box” option is the only shipping method available. We will send all six installments packed together in one box and you can hand them out at whatever pace you choose - like, say, one a day for six days - perfect for a spring break adventure!