Order Now: 3 Ship Dates Left Before Christmas!!!

Are you looking for the perfect kid gift? It’s not too late to order a personalized Mail Order Mystery experience for the 8 to 13 year-old kids you love. We ship every Thursday and our mystery elves are standing by to print, package and mail your mysteries on any one of these holiday dates: 

December 12th
December 19th

December 24th (we ship a few days early that week as the 26th is a holiday)

When you order your mystery we give you the choice of two shipping methods on our website: “Send Weekly” or “All In One Box”

If you choose “Send Weekly” we mail one installment a week for six weeks and the mystery unfolds over the course of several mailings. If you choose “All in One Box” we send all six installments packed together in one box. This is a great option if you want to hand out the installments at your own pace over the holidays, or if you are a last minute shopper who wants the peace of mind of tracking information. 

Depending on where you live in North America, mail can take between two and ten business days to arrive. (International orders can take longer). If you are worried your mystery won’t quite make it for Christmas, you can package up a gift note to put under the tree. You can print your gift note announcing that a mystery is about to begin here.

We have four delightful Mail Order Mysteries to choose from:

Treasure Hunt is our best-reviewed and best-loved mystery. In this twisting, turning yarn of missing treasure, pirate ancestors and double-crossing ne’er do wells, kids learn about - and ultimately receive - their long-lost family treasure. 

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys takes kids on a madcap mission to track down a missing spy, find the double-agent and stop an evil villain from taking away all fun forever (Mwaa haa haaa). Spies is our most complicated mystery, with clues within clues, and we recommend it for kids 9 and up.  

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot is a classic whodnunnit detective mystery, complete with fingerprint reports, crime scene photos and a suspect board. A set of important photographs have gone missing from a safe in a mansion not far from where you live, and every dinner guest is a suspect - including the butler. And Bigfoot!

The Enchanted Slumber is an enchanting, fairy-tale themed mystery (great for girls and boys) in which your young knight-in-training accepts a noble mission to help an unlikely group of friends. This is a lovely and whimsical mystery, filled with wax-sealed envelopes, necklaces etched with cipher codes, sensitive trolls and chess-playing dragons. Enchanted Slumber has powerful themes of love, friendship and stewardship of the earth - perfect for the holiday season.