Power Down the Screens and Fire up the Imaginations!

Mail Order Mysteries are screen-free experiences, and now more than ever we celebrate our decision to make them that way. These last months there have been no escaping screens. School is screens, our social lives are screens, our entertainment is screens, our babysitters are screens.

The one exception to our screen free mission - and we feel it is worth taking a moment to explain - is our espionage-themed Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys. Over the course of the mystery kids search for three digit codes, which they can enter into a basic website to get their next clue. But we also offer a screen-free alternative. Kids can use a phone instead to call the Spy Hotline and key in the code to get their clue. Look Mom! No screens.  

The rest of our mysteries? 100% screen-free fun. 

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot
  is a classic whodunnit set in an old mansion not far from where you live. Kids get everything they need to help solve the case: suspect cards, a suspect board, notebooks, photographs, interview transcripts, fingerprint reports and more.

The Enchanted Slumber is a fairy-tale mystery with wax sealed envelopes, necklaces etched with cipher clues and a curious cast of characters (a knight, a troll, a librarian and a dragon) who need help to complete their noble mission.

Treasure Hunt is all about old maps, keys, letters from pirate ancestors, double-crossers and long-lost buried treasure.

Mail Order Mystery we believe in the power of story, the thrill of personalized letters and the magic of curiosity. Screens may have their place, but it sure feels great to power them down and see how brightly the fires of imagination can burn.