A Box Full of Mystery: What’s Not to Love?

We know that kids love getting letters in the mail. So do we. But like they say, trust is the cornerstone of love. And if we can’t trust the overloaded and backlogged postal system to get your Mail Order Mystery letters to you on time, in the correct order, then we won’t risk sending letters in the mail. 

This is why we have decided for now to make our only shipping option “all in one box”, which means we pack up all six installments of each mystery and send it in one parcel, with tracking information so you can look it up when the kids ask for the 500th time where their mystery is.

In these last, long, strange months we have done our best to keep our kids educated and entertained. But most days there’s not a lot going on. We have seen our kids sit by the window, day after day, waiting for the mail truck. Every delivery is something to celebrate, even if it is just a package of socks. If kids can get excited about socks, just imagine the thrill of getting a Mail Order Mystery. 

Kids get their very own package full of curious documents, objects and letters written directly to them from pirates, trolls, detectives, dragons and spies. Each Mail Order Mystery is personalized, which means that kids are heroes of their own stories, whether they open one  letter a week or open them all at once. All the letters are inside the box and numbered on the back so you know what order to open them. And you can even put those letters in the mailbox for the kids to find, just like they were delivered by your neighbourhood letter carrier.

We know that some of you are disappointed that we are no longer offering the option of having letters mailed once a week. But it’s disappointing for all of us when a kid’s mystery is ruined because clues arrived out of order, or not all. Someday, maybe, we can learn to trust again. But for now, let’s celebrate the trackable package. What’s not to love?

And if you are looking for exciting socks, we’ve got those over at the Mystery Emporium.