Stress-Free Shipping and Shopping with Our Handy Holiday Gift Guide

Good news, fellow frantic holiday shoppers: we have a new shipping option on our website. You can now select “All In One Box” as a delivery option for your Mail Order Mystery. If you order a Mail Order Mystery as a holiday gift you can order now and we can ship it as soon as next Thursday. You can stash the box in the gift cupboard, present the first letter whenever you wish, and hand out the installments at your own pace. This is great for gift-givers who like the peace of mind of having all gifts accounted for and ticked off the checklist before the holidays begin. As veteran keepers of holiday spreadsheets, we get that for sure. 

We also get that kids love getting their own mail, with their own names on it, delivered to their own mailboxes. Mail Order Mysteries unfold through a series of letters written directly to kids from the characters in the story. Kids become a part of the story, and the thrill of running to the mailbox to check for each letter can be an exciting part of the experience. If you would like us to mail an installment once a week for six weeks, please select “Send Weekly” as your shipping option. 

If you are choosing “Send Weekly” here is some information to help you plan the arrival of the first letter:

We send mail out every Thursday, which means there are five mailing dates left between now and the holidays to start a mystery. They are: 

November 21
November 28
December 5
December 12
December 19

Please keep in mind that December 25 and 26 are postal holidays, which means that week’s mail will go out on December 27th.

IF YOU ARE IN THE UNITED STATES: Mail usually takes about a week to arrive, but can take up to 10 business days. If you select December 12 as your ship date that allows 8 business days for your letter to arrive, so it will get there close to Christmas or Hannukah - likely before but possibly shortly after. If you want to make sure your first letter arrives before the holidays please select December 5. 

IF YOU ARE IN CANADA: Mail takes a few days to arrive if you live in Ontario, and approximately four business days for national mail. If you are in a rural location mail can take a bit longer. If you want the letter to arrive before the holidays you may want to select December 12 as the date for us to mail the first letter. If you want time your letter to arrive close to Christmas or Hannukah - either just before or just after - you can go with December 19.

And if you want to make sure you have something to give on the special day you can download a gift note that you can print out.

Or you can order a mystery-related gift from our Mystery Emporium. We have t-shirts, hoodies, wall art, notebooks and more. All of which are perfect to wrap up with a note explaining that a mystery will be arriving soon.

If you choose "Send Weekly" we guarantee that we will mail the first letter on the date you select. But holiday mail can be a bit unpredictable and we have no control over the postal system. Envelopes are numbered on the back so you can keep track of your letters as they arrive. If a letter gets hung up somewhere we will send out a replacement. But there is no tracking information on lettermail. If it is really important to you to track your packages, or that your letters arrive on or before a certain date please select “All in One Box” as your shipping option. 

And if you have any questions please contact us. Our holiday elves are always happy to help.