The Answer Is Always Love


As you may or may not know, we mail all of our letters and packages on Tuesdays. And next Tuesday just happens to be Valentine’s Day. We’ve got the date circled with a big red heart and we are thinking all about love. Ok, we are trying to think all about love. We don’t know what it’s like where you live but here it’s been the grayest winter on record. It’s like a giant elephant sat its great gray butt on top of the city and won’t get up. That kind of thing weighs on a person. At a time when the whole world could use a bit of extra love, it seems like now is the hardest time to give it.

It’s like when you tell your kid not to do something and they do it anyway and then they hurt themselves and it takes everything you’ve got to give them any sympathy at all. Or when they spill their milk again or whine in the grocery store aisle for candy or punch their sibling for payback or freeze a plastic bottle of root beer and then explode it all over the kitchen ceiling. You love them. You know you love them. You love them so much it hurts and you cannot possibly imagine your life without them. But in those moments of frustration, exasperation and disappointment it can be so hard to give them that love, even though those are the moments they need it most.

So this Valentine’s Day, give the kids in your life a gift if you like (A Mail Order Mystery? Sure, why not?). But most of all, give them the gift of love. Give them the gift of love even when it’s dull and gray and you’ve had it up to here with the whining. Give them the gift of love even if you feel like you’ve got nothing in you to give. Because that’s the funny thing about love. The more you give the more you get. And now, more than ever, it seems like the whole world could use just a little bit more.