The Perfect Easter Gift! 🐰

If there is one thing we never say at Easter, it's "We wish we bought the kids more candy." If you are looking for an alternative to the sugar binge, you can downsize the giant chocolate bunny that will end up in the garbage with its ears gnawed off and get your kids a Mail Order Mystery instead. Or keep the chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunnies - and feed their imaginations as well.

A Mail Order Mystery provides six weeks of fun to keep your kids hopping to the mailbox for letters and clues. The Easter candy may disappear in minutes, but a Mail Order Mystery is an experience that they'll remember forever.

Order "All in One Box" and we'll send you all six installments at once so you can hand them out at your own pace. You can even make the first letter part of the Easter egg hunt. Or order "Send Weekly" and you can slip one of our printable gift notes into the Easter basket and choose to have the first letter arrive after Easter.