This Easter Feed Your Kids’ Imaginations

This time last year we posted here with the headline “Skip the candy and feed your child’s imagination.” And some of you were like, what? Skip the candy? And you know what, you are right! Bring on the candy! Bring on the chocolate eggs and the chocolate bunnies - and not those crappy hollow ones but the big, thick solid ones that you can get down off the top of the fridge and gnaw on after the kids go to bed.

Ok, chocolate bunny: check. What else? One chocolate bunny does not an Easter basket make. We need to fill that thing up! Let’s throw in a few practical things...Socks, underwear, a new water bottle … we can add a stuffy or a toy...and of course, we need to feed the imagination… books, art supplies... and...hmm, let’s see... how about a Mail Order Mystery?! Six weeks of fun to keep your kids hopping to the mailbox for letters and clues.

Download a printable gift note announcing that a Mail Order Mystery is about to arrive, put it in an envelope and nestle it into the purple plastic Easter grass between the chocolate bunny and the colored markers.

Best Easter basket ever.