Warning: Spring Break Ahead!


You know that long weekend we just had? That one we call President’s Day in America and Family Day in Canada except for in Manitoba where it’s Louis Riel Day? That February long weekend where we get three whole days to spend with family, four days for those of us who are lucky enough to get a school holiday tacked on?

This year we began that long weekend the same way we do every year: with heroic optimism. And then after a few days we felt the same way we do every year: cooped up and frazzled. So (like we do every year) we decided to take the kids to a hotel to stay overnight and swim in the pool.

And, like every year, the elevator doors opened to reveal wall-to-wall kids in bathing suits dripping water all over the floor and we knew at once that we were not the only ones to have that idea. And sure enough the pool was packed with screaming children and our eyes burned from the chlorine and there was some kid thrashing around in a mermaid tail and it was terrifying to watch because she could barely keep her head above the water.

Yeah. That weekend. Do you know what that weekend is for? We will tell you exactly what that weekend is for. That weekend is to remind you to find something fun for your kids to do on spring break. Because spring break is coming soon. And spring break is nine days long. Nine days can be a long time. A really, really long time.

Just saying.

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