Top 10 Reasons Our Mysteries Make the Perfect End-Of-School Gift

1. The end of a school year is something to celebrate. Mail Order Mysteries are a great way to keep kids reading and learning without even realizing that they are learning.

2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Six mailings over six weeks keep your kids busy all summer.

3. Feed the brain! Mail Order Mysteries are a jumping off point for all sorts of learning adventures: geography, history, pirate lore, fairy tales, spy training, time travel, ciphers, codes and more!

4. Our mysteries get kids excited about problem solving instead of spending their summer zoning out on screens.

5. Five star reviews! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Over 2500 of them. Check ‘em out here.

6. Mail Order Mysteries are fun for the whole family! You wouldn't believe how many parents tell us they have as much fun doing the mystery as their kids.

7. Each mystery is personalized! All of the letters come personally addressed to your kid, with their name, right there on the letters and clues.

8. Flexible delivery options. Get the letters sent once a week for six weeks or have them packaged up and sent together in one box, perfect to take on a road trip or visit to the cottage.

9. It's the gift that kids love getting and you'll feel great about giving.

10. Mail Order Mysteries are more than just reading. Kids also get stuff! Each mystery comes with a series of objects (spy gadgets, keys, maps, necklaces etched with cipher codes, fake mustaches, wax sealed envelopes) and at the end of the experience, an extra special memento to remind kids of the summer you got them the best end-of-school year gift ever.