10 Reasons Why Mail Order Mysteries Make the Best End-of-School Gift Ever!

1. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Six mailings over six weeks keep your kids busy all summer.

2. Fire up the imagination! Puzzles, clues, twists and turns keep your kids not only busy, but engaged and excited about mythical forests, top secret spy schools and long-lost pirate treasure!

3. Feed the brain! Mail Order Mysteries are a jumping off point for all sorts of learning adventures: geography, history, pirate lore, fairy tales, spy training, ciphers, codes and more!

4. Five star reviews! Check ‘em out here, on our Facebook page.

5. Mail Order Mysteries are fun for the whole family!

6. Take a break from screens! Our mysteries are a tech free experience. (Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys! mystery does have a website for entering top secret codes, but if you want to go screen-free we give you the option of using the phone instead.)

7. Get your kids excited about mail!

8. Super flexible shipping! Our awesome mystery team is standing by to help with all of your logistical dilemmas.Going to the cottage and want all six installments packed together and shipped ahead of time? No problem. Moving half-way through the summer? No problem. Need your mail sent to two different addresses on alternate weeks? No problem. Send us a message with questions or instructions and we will do our best to make it happen.

9. It’s personalized! All of the letters come personally addressed to your kid, with their name, right there on the letters and clues.

10. Souvenirs! Every Mail Order Mystery ends with an extra-special memento to remind your kid for years to come of that summer when you got them the best end-of-school gift ever.