How to Think Outside the (All in One) Box!

Our Mail Order Mystery community is thinking outside the “All in One Box”! True, some people remain sad about the fact that we have suspended the weekly letter option until the postal systems get back to their reliable old selves. And we miss sending out all those letters every week! But other people are embracing the possibilities of having their mystery sent to them all in one shipment. Check out these reviews and some of these creative ideas.

These letters came by “Owl Post” and the kids had to find them:

We got The Enchanted Slumber for our daughter's 7th birthday. We've had all the letters arrive by 'owl post,' all over our house. That's been fun to see how long it has taken to find the envelopes! All of the letters written by the characters are so clever and well done. Our kids totally take them seriously and believe in the magic of it all. The letters are great, and the other items are truly TREASURED! I am so impressed by the clever story, the brain building puzzles, the high quality materials, everything. We will DEFINITELY do more of these with our kids!
Carolyn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

These letters just happen to show up in the mailbox every Friday afternoon, perfect for weekend mystery solving:

My 11 year old son loved this. We had purchased the "All in One Box" and gave him an envelope each week (he didn't know that I had them stashed in my trunk). As soon as he walked in the door from school on Fridays he'd run to check to see if another instalment had come. He's started using ciphers with his friends and he LOVED the final package. I've been telling our friends with kids about Mail Order Mysteries and will be sending them to our nieces for the holidays.
-Elliot S ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This mailbox lights up when it’s time for a clue:

Purchased this mystery for my boys, aged 11 and 9, as a back-to-school gift. Little did I know that it would become an evening family activity! The originality of the content, the quality of the materials and the challenges engaged our whole family. Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys is well-written and wonderfully entertaining. Since the mystery is now being shipped as one box, I improvised by attaching a battery-powered light to our mailbox that I turned on every time that a "new package" was ready for the boys. Definitely would recommend!

Move things along at your own pace:

Keeping my granddaughter for several days during the pandemic had me scratching my head looking for ways to keep her occupied without going out or overusing electronics. This was the most successful thing I tried. She remained enthusiastic throughout the mystery and was disappointed when I slowed the pace, making her wait until the next day to complete the mission. After all, she and I went through 4 of the 6 envelopes in one day. (So glad I chose the "all in one box" option!) Perfect way to occupy a 9 year old. She absolutely loved it.

No need to wait for a whole week between clues:

We bought this as a birthday gift for our grandson and suggested he take his time and slowly work his way through the envelopes and clues. He was so interested and excited that he completed it in 2 days! He loved learning about Bigfoot and the other folklore creatures. Thank you for a great birthday/pandemic idea.
-Denise W 

We always appreciate your fantastic suggestions and your excellent reviews! If you want to see more about what people have to say about Mail Order Mystery check out our reviews.

And if you are planning to order a Mail Order Mystery this holiday season, just a friendly reminder not to wait! The future is uncertain and by all accounts parcel delivery is going to be a mess in the months ahead. Order now and rest easy knowing that you’ve crossed one off the list.