Life and Other Things We Can't Control

There is so little in life we have control over, and it feels especially so right now. 

Each of us can make our own lists - viruses, elections, other people’s actions, our own anxieties. 

The Mail Order Mystery team would also add mail to that list. Having no control over the mail may not keep you up at night, but it worries the heck out of us, and every other retailer and parcel service this side of the North Pole.

Please accept this as our gentle reminder not to wait to order your Mail Order Mystery this holiday season. It seems early, but it’s not. There are really only seven weeks until Christmas, and between now and then things could get complicated. Postal and delivery systems are already overwhelmed and Black Friday shopping could strain them to the breaking point. 

In this video message from Canada Post, Rod Hart, the Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, urges people to shop early this year. “We’re planning for a holiday season like no other,” says Hart. “And we’re asking for your help.”

Hart says that Canada Post is scaling up, extending hours and adding people, vehicles and processing equipment, but they still may not be able to keep up. 

“Even with these extra measures there are limits to what we can safely process and deliver,” says Hart. “So we’re asking you to break with tradition and shop early this holiday season to avoid disappointment. If not, the traditional late holiday surge of parcels on top of the expected demand could overwhelm our ability to process and deliver and cause delays.”

Meanwhile. the United States Postal System has also been dealing with significant delays for the last several months. Packages that should take days are taking weeks and things will likely get worse before they get better.  

So if you are ordering a Mail Order Mystery for a kid you love, please order soon. We know you have other things on your mind, and we get that. So do we. But don’t forget about the kids. They’ve had a tough year. Let’s all do our best to give them the best holiday season we can give them.