Made By Humans #1 - Rajo Zakic, Illustrator Extraordinaire

Made By Humans #1 - Rajo Zakic
Meet Rajo Zakic. Rajo is a fantastic illustrator we have had the pleasure of working with twice. The first time was when we were making The Case of the Missing Bigfoot, a cryptozoology-themed whodunnit set in an old mansion. Rajo designed the set of 20 cryptid collector cards that kids get in the final installment, and they are extraordinary.

Cryptid Cards
We were so impressed with Rajo's talent and versatility that we collaborated with him on our next project, the time-travel themed Escape the Master Loop. Rajo came up with ideas and illustrations that were beyond what we could have imagined. We asked him if he could do a series of paintings of the Mona Lisa as if they were painted by famous artists, and the stuff he came up with is incredible. In the background: Mona Lisa as painted by Edvard Munch and Frida Kahlo. And in the foreground Mona Lisa as painted by comic book artist Jack Kirby, and, wearing the crown, Mona Lisa as painted by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Wow. 

We asked him to make us a wimmelbilder, a densely detailed, incredibly labor intensive project - it has an entire symbol alphabet hidden in it - and we could not believe what he came up with. The wimmelbilder comes in the mystery as a full sized poster.


We reached out to Rajo to ask him what he thinks of working with us and this is what he says: “Making art for Mail Order Mystery is deeply gratifying - so many different art styles and colour palettes to play around with! It’s an illustrator’s dream come true.”