Mail Order Mysteries Make Awesome Grad Gifts

The expression “time flies” takes on a new meaning when you have kids. Time flies in all the little ways as you try to keep on top of the day-to-day: swimming lessons, doctor’s appointments, basketball try-outs, birthday parties, school lunches and so on.

And time flies in the big ways, too. The years go by, one after the next. One moment you are dragging the stroller up the stairs, the next day your kids are rolling their eyes at you while they text.

So, just a reminder, because we know you are in the middle of making lunches and folding laundry and washing dishes: your (not-so) little one (*sniff*) is about to graduate another year of school. And in some parts of the country that day is coming really soon. So if you are planning to get an end-of-school gift, well, just a reminder: there is no time like the present.  

Mail Order Mysteries make awesome grad gifts. They are creative, imaginative, engaging and tech-free. They keep kids reading after school is over for the summer. And best of all, they are fun for the whole family.