See What People are Saying About us on Facebook

So what exactly are people saying about us on Facebook? They are saying five stars.

Okay, 4.9. Nobody is perfect, right? But we’re feeling pretty darn great about it. And it’s not just the stars that are making us swoon.

Check out some of these comments:


  "I have been blown away with your company! The level of detail put into the story is incredible! My kids are 8, 6, 4 and 2 and they LOVED this! The excitement and thrills that came in the mail each week were wonderful!”

"Best gift I have ever given my kids. Money very well spent.”


"Thoroughly enjoyed by not only my children, but me too!”


"We just finished our second mystery - Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! So detailed and thoughtful and fun and my 11 daughter just loved it. Your mysteries exceed my expectations. I cannot say enough. I am ready to film a commercial for you.”


"One of my very favorite birthday presents ever." The highest praise that a 7 year old gives. She was a bit young for some of the complex spy puzzles but her 10 year old sister helped out. What creative fun!”


"We've done Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys, and The Enchanted Slumber. Both rocked and we can't wait to try Treasure Hunt!”


"My 9 year old niece just got her first clue for the pirate mystery. After she read the letter she turned to her mom and said, "I don't think I'm a normal kid anymore!" Haha! Love it.”


"Thank you, Mail Order Mystery, for a fantastic mystery for my second grade class! I ordered the Treasure Hunt adventure and my students LOVED IT!”


"This will be the best $ you will spend on your kids or grands, and these folks have the best, fast, friendly, and efficient customer service ever. My grandchildren were both THRILLED by their mysteries, and their parents were delighted as well.”


"Our daughters had such a wonderful time with this adventure this summer. It was magical watching them get so excited for the mail to come, decoding clues, learning about new places and things, and working together as a team. It has led to many hours of pretend play.”


"My 10 year old son is completely intrigued by the items he is receiving. He carries it all around with him everywhere and talks about it all the time.”


 "Super experience.My 4 kids shared a mystery this summer and had a ball. We finished today and they are already asking to do another.”

You can read more reviews on our Facebook page. If you've done a mystery, why not leave a review of your own? And if you haven't done a mystery yet, what are you waiting for?