Updated Holiday Shipping Dates & Availability of "Send Weekly"

There are two ways to have your mystery experience delivered. You can have it packed up all together and shipped in one box, or you can have the mystery sent weekly as separate installments mailed once a week for six weeks.

Unfortunately due to overwhelming demand, the earliest start date for our "Send Weekly" option is currently January 13. This shipping option requires us to pre-sort and store a massive volume of mail. So we are unable to fill any more mysteries with this delivery option right now. But you can still order today and we'll send out the first installment on January 13. Please remember that this is the date we mail the letter, not the date that it will be delivered. We have no control over the speed at which letters travel through the postal system. There is no tracking information for lettermail, so we are not able to tell you where a letter is or when it will arrive.

If you want to give a mystery experience that's sent weekly as a holiday gift we suggest you download the printable gift note to wrap up and give to the child and the mystery will begin arriving in the new year. 

We are still shipping out "All in One Box" orders. But due to the holidays and the time required to customize mystery experiences, orders placed after December 21 may not ship until January 4printable gift note can always be given while you are waiting for the mystery to be delivered.

These were the dates we recommended that you order by so that your mystery is delivered by December 24. Please remember that these are only guidelines. Some mysteries may be delivered more quickly, but due to delivery delays beyond our control, it is possible that some packages may be delivered after December 24, especially if you live outside of a major city.

Standard December 13
Express December 18

CANADA - Ontario
Standard December 15
Express December 18

CANADA - Outside Ontario
Standard December 8
Express December 16

We are still seeing consistent and significant delays with international shipping. If you have questions about an international destination please contact our customer service team. The “Send Weekly” option is not available for international orders.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. All of our mysteries are personalized and our fulfilment and shipping process is complex. We understand that it may be disappointing if the delivery option you were hoping for isn't available. But we don't want to take on more than we can manage. We want to make sure that every mystery is properly personalized and packaged and that each one makes it to its' destination in time. We're doing our best! And if you have any other questions please let us know