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Escape the Master Loop

Some of the letters, articles and objects you will get in the mail

Escape the Master Loop is a time travel misadventure in which you and your future self must work together to untangle your tangled up timelines. To keep your messages top secret you leave them in the form of clues and codes. Things start to unravel when you are foiled by things that are out of your control, like evil scientists capturing the dinosaur you brought back with you, or unexpected interference by a famous painter and inventor from the 1500s.

Mailing #1: A letter from your future self explaining why you are getting a letter from your future self, a book excerpt that explains how time loops work, a page about ciphers, a puzzle, and a large poster (The Time Tangle Travel Tracker) that you can use to collect clues in the form of “time tokens”.  

Mailing #2: An urgent message from your future self regarding a dinosaur that you accidentally brought back with you. You include clues such as a map of the location where you got the dinosaur and a series of events that, when put in the correct order, tell the story of what happened that day. However, the dinosaur ran away and you must find it. To do this you must puzzle through a package you receive from the Old Bones Museum, which includes a letter, a map of the museum, a strange bandaid box, a coded note and a bandaid. 

Mailing #3: A letter from your future self about what happened when you dropped a digital camera in Leonardo da Vinci’s studio in 1503, a series of images of the wacky Mona Lisas he painted after seeing the pictures on your camera, a package of clues you must solve to piece together the details, and a stern warning from the time police.

Mailing #4: Things are starting to get weird. You receive a letter from an inventor who has been dead for 500 years, a trio of strange paper airplanes, an unusual poster of the Titanic, and a second stern warning from the time police.

Mailing #5: You are in all kinds of trouble and you have gone missing in the future. Your friends are doing their best to find you and bring you home. They leave you a poster of your city in the future, a travel brochure, a map of the parking lot where you left your time pod, an image of the flight departure board from the day you went missing, and four pages of puzzles.

Mailing #6: You receive a time police issued time capsule that you can use to make your own time capsule, your final stern warning, a puzzle postcard and a memento of your past time travels.

Now you must loop back to your first installment, piece together the clues you have collected along the way, and arrange your time tokens to decipher one final message.    

Bon voyage and good luck!