Give Your Kids a (Spring) Break with a Mail Order Mystery

Of all the “holidays”, spring break is the one we are always least prepared for. During the winter break we can send the kids off to play with their new toys. During the summer we can send them outside. But spring break is never quite enough spring or enough break. It is just long enough, though, for everyone to get good and squirrelly. 

A Mail Order Mystery is a great way to take the edge off the spring break breakdown. If you choose the “All in One Box” shipping method on our website you can order all six of your mystery installments packed together and shipped in one package. That way, you can hand the mystery out a letter a day, or slip them into the mailbox at whatever pace you choose. 

Mail Order Mysteries are personalized from the characters in the mysteries, and kids are heroes of their own stories. We have four mysteries to choose from.

Treasure Hunt: Kids help save their long-lost treasure from double crossing pirates.

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys: Kids crack ciphers and follow clues to find a missing agent. 

The Enchanted Slumber: Kids accept a noble mission to help a knight, a dragon, a librarian and a troll wake a sleeping princess. 

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot: Kids help Detectives Mulberry and Perdu crack a curious crime.