Adventure and intrigue. Delivered to your door.

With a Mail Order Mystery kids don't just read a story, they're part of the story.

They'll receive personalized letters from the characters in a mystery that they help solve.

Our story adventures are designed to get kids reading and ignite their imaginations.

Step 1 - Choose your mystery

Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!
 Treasure Hunt!: Who knew you had a long-lost pirate ancestor? Well you do, yaar! Solve the clues to find the treasure - unless the double crossing ne'er-do-wells get there first.
Spies, Lies and Serious Bad Guys!: You’ve been accepted to the Spy School. Your training begins as soon as… Wait! Something has happened! We need your help to find a missing agent. Solve the ciphers, enter the codes and stop the evil villain before it’s too late.

The Enchanted Slumber: When is happily ever after really happily ever after? Find out for yourself when you help a curious troll, a lonesome dragon, a kind librarian and a fed-up knight wake a princess from her enchanted sleep. 

The Case of the Missing Bigfoot:  An old mansion. A secret organization. A dinner party about to begin. The lights go out, there’s an upset in the dining room. The lights come on, the safe is open and the contents are gone. Who did it? The detectives on the case need your help!

Your child receives personalized letters addressed to them along with mysterious objects and artifacts like keys, old treasure maps and mysterious necklaces. There are twists and turns, ciphers and clues, and at the end a very special package. 

See kids get excited about reading, problem-solving and using their imaginations instead of zoning out on screens. 


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