Adventure and intrigue. Delivered to your door.

With a Mail Order Mystery kids don't just read a story, they're part of the story.

They'll receive personalized letters from the characters in a mystery that they help solve.

Our story adventures are designed to get kids reading and ignite their imaginations.

Step 1 - Choose your mystery

 Go on on a search for long lost family treasure, send your kids to spy school, go on a noble mission to wake a princess, help detectives solve a case involving Bigfoot or find our what happens when you break the rules of time travel.

Your child receives personalized letters addressed to them along with mysterious objects and artifacts like keys, old treasure maps and mysterious necklaces. There are twists and turns, ciphers and clues, and at the end a very special package. 

See kids get excited about reading, problem-solving and using their imaginations instead of zoning out on screens. 


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